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RAINDROPS CAFFE LATTE, fabric quarters, jacquard, size 50cm x 70cm


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We offer beautiful Jacquard fabrics, novelty on the market. Our designs fits to interiors in every style: from traditional to modern, from living room to kids bedroom. Wonderful and strong weaves guarantee immutability of fabric properties.

Please note that the quoted price is a price for a coupon of fabric in dimensions given in the product description. While ordering three quarters, you will receive three separate pieces measuring 50cm x 70cm. If you would like to order bigger piece, please choose the size in tab selection.

FabricArt Fabrics are not chemically treated in finishing process. The shrinkage of fabric is up to 9%. We recommend steaming before use.


  • They are woven to provide softness, flexibility and durability.

  • Our fabrics are made from cotton and our dyes are safe for your little one, free from any heavy metals and toxins.

  • Our fabric are manufactured in the European Union in accordance to quality and safety standards.

  • The finest yarns are used to produce fabrics.

  • Certificate of compliance with PN-13209-2:2006

Our fabrics meet the highest quality standard and are made of the finest yarn with a special attention to its durability and safety.

We are constantly working on new collections to offer you a wide choice of patterns. We are sure you will find the best pattern for you.

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